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Tech Tips

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Add additional information to the table as needed. Be sure to list your name and date so we know who to contact with questions!!


To extend the table, you can either click within the table and use the "Row > Insert Row" command, or use "Table Properties" to expand the table as desired.


Date Contributor Materials Notes
2/10 Karen Padgett

VLC Media Player

This will play ANY kind of video file.
2/26 Geof Duncan Microsoft Photo Story Really simple way to create promotional videos
2/26 Geof Duncan PicPick Simple tool to get screenshots for directions.
2/26 Geof Duncan Nitro PDF Reader (and Printer) Really simple PDF reader and PDF creator for use with the WCPSS Print shop or to upload files to your website.
9/2 Geof Duncan Cool Software Tools A page of essential software for teachers and staff.


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