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CA-CDC Resources

Resources Forms New CA-CDC A-Z STC Home







iPad Basics Handout

  • Handout:
  • Turning On & Off vs Sleep
  • Home Button
  • Navigation between screens
  • Hand Gestures
  • Multi-touch/Zoom/Gestures
  • Searching with Spotlight
  • Customizing Home Screen & Moving Apps
  • Changing Docked Apps
  • Making Folders/Organization
  • Deleting Apps
  • Multitasking/Suspended Apps
  • Create a Screen Shot
  • Using iPhone Apps on an iPad
  • Locking with a Password
  • Lock Screen Rotation
  • Change Lock / Home Screen Wallpaper
  • Battery Life
  • Key Clicks/Sounds
  • Accessories
  • Camera Operation/Front/Back
  • Output iPad to a projector
  • Keyboard Basics
    • Shifting
    • Seeing Numbers & Symbols
    • Dictionary Suggestions
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • .com, .org, .edu key
    • Split Keyboard
    • International  & Alternative Keyboards
    • Using External or Blue Tooth Keyboards

iPad Settings

  • Airplane Mode = No wifi
    • WCPSS Wifi = Lunenburg
  • iCloud 
  • Notifications 
  • General 
    • About
    • Software update 
    • Auto Lock 
    • Restrictions
    • Side switch
    • Multi-Tasking Gestures 
    • Accessibility

Setting up a Mail Account

Web Clips

The App Store

The next step with your iPad


CA-CDC Resources

Resources Forms New CA-CDC A-Z STC Home


Touch and hold an icon until the Home screen icons begin to jiggle, then drag the icon onto another icon.

iPad creates a new folder that includes the two icons, and shows the folder’s name. You can tap the name field to enter a different name.

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